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This dream was recorded from the iOS Notes application, and transferred to nvALT on January 8, 2013. I'm listing it here exactly as it was typed by me immediately after waking.

At dads for birthday. Have to break through cement floor to get gifts. One gift is a "small" dell rack mount server. Then there's a car with white walls. The car nearly buys someone on the road{% ref %}I'm not sure what "buys someone on the road", but I'm thinking it was supposed to be "hits someone on the road".{% endref %} which turns out to be Debbie{% ref %}Debbie is my mother-in-law.{% endref %} and friends. They pull into the parking lot and a police officer pulls in behind. The female driver of another car starts yakking ahoy{% ref %}After further reflection, this is probably "talking shit"{% endref %}. One if the gifts from fad{% ref %}Probably "dad"{% endref %} is something which shoots my captors. I escape hit get chased by police.

It's interesting re-reading.

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