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Ziggy URL generator and Webpack

I've been wanting to get ziggy in use at $job for a while now because of its developer quality of life improvements around url generation. I don't want our devs to have to remember to update the ziggy generated routes whenever they update a routes file, so I need something automated in our webpack install. Ripping a few hundred CDs in a day

Last year after moving to a new house, I decided to finally set up some local backup functionality and found a Synology RS819 for a good price, added some drives to it, and started playing around with it. From there, I decided to finally start ripping all the CDs that I had collected over the years that were taking up space in my office (where they still stand, only because I've conveniently forgotten to move them out to storage...

AWS Lambda and Compression

I've looked online repeatedly for code samples that discuss using gzip compression with AWS Lambdas, specifically with Python code, and I couldn't find any, so I decided to provide this code sample. I'm sure there's things that are missing with it, but this solves my underlying problem and does so in a manner that works well enough.

AWS Cognito User Migration Lambda in Python

We've been tasked with switching our login system from an in-app system to something leveraging AWS Cognito. Doing so requires a migration step which, when done fully through AWS requires some hoops (including an AWS Lambda where the example provided from AWS is a NodeJS Lambda (where we prefer Python Lambdas) so I spent some time rewriting it and thought I'd share for those that are interested.

Logging Calendar entries to DayOne

I've been trying to be a little more cognizant of the things going on in my life, and so I've been working on getting to the point where I'm writing up my day and the things that happened. One of the things that I keep forgetting about are the meetings I've taken which are often quite interesting to look back on, so I created some automation to help me out with that.

Time tracking with Taskwarrior

I've been doing some contract work over the last few weeks and brought back to life a system that I'd used when working at an agency: Bugwarrior, Taskwarrior, and Timewarrior. It requires simple applications that are written with an awesome amount of power.

Bank Statement Automation

I've been trying over the last couple of years to get my financial life in order, and part of that has meant finding bank statements from the different providers and ensuring that they're filed away on the off chance that I need them (surprise: I needed them). To do that, I've spent some time building up a small library of Hazel scripts, and I thought I'd share them with the world now.