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Say 'Hello' to Trello

Keeping track of your workload is important, and Trello is the best tool for the job in my opinion. I’ve been using Trello to manage my client work for about a year now, and I love it more and more each day.

Startups and Stereotypes

I’m passionate about the startup community and the talent it unveils to the technology industry, but some people have a different perspective. Some believe that startup jobs are less stable than jobs in established businesses and that their employees have little-to-nothing on the line.

Fear and Politics

When I was younger, I worked for a company that micromanaged on every level. The executives were micromanaged by the CEO, and the agents were micromanaged by their managers.

Use AGILE as bootcamp for junior engineers

As a junior programmer, I have an immature opinion on how lines of code should go together. My primitive method of development knows no source control, no collaboration, and certainly no project management.

Pursuing Unvalidated Ideas Made Me Better

The startup world is abuzz with advice for entrepreneurs. Of that advice, encouragement to validate ideas is the most abundant.

SWOT Your Business

Entrepreneurs are almost always aware of the biggest opportunities and threats that lie ahead for their businesses, but not too often does that analysis happen on paper. For most, we keep it in the foreground of our minds, and we think that’s good enough.