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How addresses app fatigue and why that's so important

I've been working for the last six months to build a long-term roadmap for the products at my nonprofit technology company in North Carolina, and one of the products I discovered during my research into data segmentation and analytics tools was I was pretty sure when I found it that I had found something substantially valuable to nonprofits, but it took me a free trial and few months to really wrap my head around the value it brings to any startup or small business struggling with "app fatigue".

My Favorite Things, 2014 Edition

I like to think of myself as a responsible consumer. I'm skeptical of marketing, cautious of staged reviews, and thoughtful about buying products that will provide benefits bigger than their costs.

Technology curriculum needs to be more exciting

I'm going to complain about the quality of technology education in this article. I know that some schools do get it right.

Why did America fall in love with the universe in the 1960s?

I recently gave a presentation at school over NASA's budget, and I stressed the importance of having that budget increased. My arguments were solid, but my audience wasn't interested.

A few socioeconomic issues causing me to lose sleep

I should preface my concerns with a few humanizing facts because the next paragraph is going to have some depressing undertones. I love life.

Even if you love your day job, Startup Weekend is for you

I have a great job. I write code for 8 hours each day, and then I go home and write more code.

Don't Deliver Cold Pizza

Years ago, many pizzerias advertised a 30/60-minute-or-less guarantee that basically promised customers that their pizza would arrive warm and timely. Isn't it odd that their selling pitch was speed and not tastiness?