Jekyll and PubSubHubbub

Recently, I read up on Dr. Drang's and Nathan's PubSubHubbub work. This blog is powered by Jekyll, and I wanted in on the fun.

I don't post very often, so I didn't want feedfetchers attempting to check my feeds every hour. I coded up this little Jekyll plugin:

module Jekyll    class PubSubGenerator < Generator        require "rubygems"        require 'net/http'         def generate(site)            puts "In PubSubGenerator::generate method\n"            url = URI.parse('')            post_args1 = { 'hub.mode' => 'publish', 'hub.url' => site.config['url'] + 'rss.xml' }            resp = Net::HTTP.post_form(url, post_args1) { |response|                p response.status                p response['content-type']                response.read_body do |str|                    puts str                end            }            puts "Leaving PubSubGenerator::generate method\n"        end    endend

I'm still waiting to see if it's actually working, but I'm hopeful.