My bash aliases

I've been using git a lot more recently, and in December, I switched to using a series of aliases just for git. Since then, I've used my aliases 1700+ times (on my work machine alone), saving me over 22000 keystrokes, or almost 5 total hours of typing, just since December. Without further ado, here are the aliases

alias a='git add'
alias b='git branch'
alias c='git commit'
alias d='git diff --word-diff --minimal'
alias dc='git diff --word-diff --minimal HEAD^ HEAD'
alias ds='git diff --staged --word-diff --minimal'
alias f='git fetch'
alias gs='git stash'
alias p='git push'
alias pp='git pull'
alias s='git status -sb'

It's amazing just how much time these aliases have saved me, and will continue to save me.

I'd be interested to see other alias suggestions for speed improvements.