The true potential of TouchID

I've been thinking about what the real use case for TouchID, which on the surface is used primarily for security. Now that TouchID has been in use for a while, other uses have been created; however, I don't think that any of these uses actually touch on the true potential of TouchID.

Tech Predictions: The inevitable convergence of iOS and Android

Nerds love arguing. I say this as someone who loves arguing, and someone who lovingly self-identifies as a nerd.

Did Yahoo! have "insider information" about iOS7?

The recently released Yahoo Weather app is an amazingly good application; it signifies to me at least that Yahoo is back on track. But the "layered" application with an unfocused background seems awfully familiar to Apple's recently announced iOS7.

The App Store, 25 billion downloads, and some perspective

In a few days, The Apple App Store will hit 25,000,000,000 downloads. They're making a grand promotion out of it, even giving the "winner" a $10,000 App Store gift card.