TaskWarrior, TimeWarrior, and that moment it all goes wrong

I've been a user of TaskWarrior for a long time, though not always seriously, and I recently started using TimeWarrior with it so that I can keep track of the time that I spend on tasks. This is a tale about how it all went wrong, but because of some really smart choices by the original developers, it all came back in the end.

MySQL and support for Daylight Saving

I've already written once about Daylight Saving and how much I hate it. It came back to bite me anyway.

UTC, EDT, and why Daylight Saving should be abolished

My employer has a lot of different services; one of these services is called an Email News Alert (EMNA for short). For a long time, these EMNAs were prepared manually by a team of 3 based on articles posted on our sites.