When you know it's time for a new job

When you start fantasizing about your sick boss dieing while in the hospital, you know it's time for a new job. And that's exactly the situation I found myself in recently.

My boss had been very sick, and we thought he was going in to pancreatic failure. This wasn't the first time it'd happened, and likely won't be the last. After 4 weeks of continual worsening, I began to think to myself that if he died, then I'd be promoted, and things would finally get to change.

But he got better.

He came in to work one day, and I didn't even realize who it was. I'd worked with this man for 3 years, every day. He'd lost so much weight, he looked like someone else.

At that point, I realized it was time for something new. I'd been hoping to myself that my boss would die, so that I could get a promotion.

It still took me about 8 months to finally leave, but that was just another item on a growing list.