Jekyll and PubSubHubbub

Recently, I read up on Dr. Drang's and Nathan's PubSubHubbub work. This blog is powered by Jekyll, and I wanted in on the fun.

Books to read

This is a selection of books that are suggested reading. Crossed off books have been read by dp. Uploading SQL data to Google Docs

I created initially about 6 months ago, because I was tired of trying to remember to MySQL's SELECT … INTO syntax. Plus, then I'd have to download the CSV, format it in a method that MS Office could use, and then email the data.

So Long Fancy, and Thanks For All The Fish

This morning, a friend of mine had to have one of her dogs put down. Fancy was a wonderful friend to our dogs on the couple of times we took care of her.

Creating an Online Life Timeline

Recently, I've been interested in building a timeline of my online life. Essentially, anything that "happens" to me, online, should be recorded by me somehow.

Restoring a lost file from your cache in Chrome

Recently, I switched the software that generates this blog from a custom Perl script that I built to a Jekyll based system. The migration itself went fairly well.

Banks, Mortgages, and The Sad State That We Live In

In October of 2011, our daughter informed us that she wanted to go to a high school in a different town. Being good, supportive parents, we agreed to the idea.