Social Media and Teens

My brother-in-law sent me this article today with the following comment: "It's amazing to think of the differences social media will have on your kids' lives compared to how we grew up..

ntpd, openntpd, and ubuntu

ntpd (from has recently gotten a bad rap. A series of vulnerabilities have been found in it that, from my perspective, make it no longer safe to run on production, publicly facing machines; however, there is an alternative: openntpd.

Farewell "Education Shack"

I started writing this blog in my final days of employment for a company whose name I will mask as "Education Shack" (to protect both the innocent and guilty), reflecting on my 25 month tenure there. I decided to hold off on posting it, until I had time to detox from the negativity that weighed me down.

Why I Hate My Fitbit (It’s Not Its Fault!)

Like most Americans, I have insurance through my employer. A terrible system that allows employers to decrease an employees pay for offenses like "wanting health insurance for children" or "needing glasses".

The true potential of TouchID

I've been thinking about what the real use case for TouchID, which on the surface is used primarily for security. Now that TouchID has been in use for a while, other uses have been created; however, I don't think that any of these uses actually touch on the true potential of TouchID.

Politics and Facebook

It was a tumultuous week in politics - especially in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell, the incumbent Republican senator (for life) defeated his Democrat challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

My Favorite Things, 2014 Edition

I like to think of myself as a responsible consumer. I'm skeptical of marketing, cautious of staged reviews, and thoughtful about buying products that will provide benefits bigger than their costs.