Updating iTunes when listening to Pianobar

For the past few years, I've been using the WSP Music System for iTunes to help me listen to things in a better manner. But that means I need to keep my play information in sync.

An entry from The Dream Log

This dream was recorded from the iOS Notes application, and transferred to nvALT on January 8, 2013. I'm listing it here exactly as it was typed by me immediately after waking.

A great way to Ides of March

This morning, while driving my daughter to school, the front passenger window of my car simply dropped in to the door well. The motor seems to still be working, I think the window just jumped the clips.

When AJAX Goes Bad

I was recently working a defect at $job to disable submissions of empty "dates" saving to MySQL as epoch -1, when I noticed in my network panel was polling an ajax endpoint, once per second. This poll was happening so that an on screen clock could be displayed showing the time where a potential lead lived.

Cloning all of an organizations git repos

Some of the code at $job (sadly) uses blind inserts, which makes changes to the tables behind them tricky. We were about to embark on a series of changes to tables for our Data Warehouse project, and I needed to verify if anything would be affected by these table changes.

The Difficulty of Parsing the Web

I read an entry in TheDailyWTF.com that made me pause. It was an image of a Google Search, focusing on "Doomworld", and the fact that Google had mangled the Homepage and Filesize fields in the output.

Why I'm Leaving Reddit

Reddit has an amazing story: Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, later acquired by Conde Nast, then spun off in to a subsidiary of Advance Publications, Reddit is one of the largest sites on the internet, and constantly growing. But this isn't a story about the cool things that Reddit has done (and continues to do); This is a story about the sleazy things that Reddit does with regards to moderation.