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Developer Quiet Hours

At $job, we've been practicing Agile Development. Coming from a Waterfall background, this is wonderful.

Git: GUI Mergetools

I've been using SourceTree for my git interaction recently. I love that it's free, and the fact that I can easily click on hashes to see what happened in a commit is awesome.

Tweeting from Jekyll

As a similar plugin to PubSubHubbub, I wanted to be able to have Jekyll automatically tweet whenever a new post occurs. So I wrote the code below: If you want to use it, you'll need to create an app within Twitter, and get oauth keys.

Jekyll and PubSubHubbub

Recently, I read up on Dr. Drang's and Nathan's PubSubHubbub work. This blog is powered by Jekyll, and I wanted in on the fun.

Books to read

This is a selection of books that are suggested reading. Crossed off books have been read by dp. Uploading SQL data to Google Docs

I created initially about 6 months ago, because I was tired of trying to remember to MySQL's SELECT … INTO syntax. Plus, then I'd have to download the CSV, format it in a method that MS Office could use, and then email the data.

So Long Fancy, and Thanks For All The Fish

This morning, a friend of mine had to have one of her dogs put down. Fancy was a wonderful friend to our dogs on the couple of times we took care of her.