Recent Posts

Creating an Online Life Timeline

Recently, I've been interested in building a timeline of my online life. Essentially, anything that "happens" to me, online, should be recorded by me somehow.

Restoring a lost file from your cache in Chrome

Recently, I switched the software that generates this blog from a custom Perl script that I built to a Jekyll based system. The migration itself went fairly well.

Banks, Mortgages, and The Sad State That We Live In

In October of 2011, our daughter informed us that she wanted to go to a high school in a different town. Being good, supportive parents, we agreed to the idea.

Netflix and API's

I joined the Netflix bandwagon late, but I've still been a subscriber for almost 5 years now. I love watching movies through the streaming system, and it's ubiquitous.

Keeping music in sync across machines

At home, I've recently been using a Mac. At work, I use a Linux box.

Storage Replication for High Availability

My job entails running ~10 relatively busy sites. These sites are no Facebook, or Google; hell, these sites don't even crack the Alexa 100k.

A botnet test, or aberrant traffic?

This morning, we received an email stating that our estimated bandwidth usage over the past 10 minutes was 35Mbit per second. This would be an ok thing if our average usage wasn't closer to 9Mbit per second.